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Slow Computer?

Malware & Virus Removal

Speed up your computer by removing the junk.

data recovery and backup
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Data Backup & Recovery

Should the worst happen and your computer dies or won't start up, DALsupport can often recover your precious pictures, music, emails and work. As long as the hard disk drive inside your PC tower or laptop isn't the part that failed, there is a good chance that all's not lost.
broken acreen and power jack
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Computer Repair

We service broken laptops or desktops. Broken screens, failed power jacks, faulty memory, battery replacement, etc. Bring in your broken computer and get a quick estimate. It is worth repairing in most cases.
antivirus and malware removal
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Virus and Malware Cleanup

We can get your computer up and running again by removing virus and spyware. While they may be signs your computer has a virus (slow performance, unable to launch programs, etc), the only way to for sure is to have your computer scanned for viruses.